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16. October 2002

Installing djbdns on a FreeBSD server

I run a small network of FreeBSD machines at home.


17. October 2002

NIDS - Sniffers on steroids

NIDS - Network Intrusion Detection Systems - are a special kind of a sniffer. Their attack pattern databases make them to a migthy tool for securing a network. Snort is a free and good alternative to the commercial ones.


17. October 2002

Configuration of ipfilter on FreeBSD

ipfilter is already integrated in newer FreeBSD versions. The questions are how to create filtering rules and which stance to take.


18. October 2002

mtree - built-in tripwire

The tool mtree can be used like the well known tripwire to detect trojan horsed files. With the additions in NetBSD 1.4 mtree becomes even more usefull, especially on a firewall. See also the original proposal of A. Wennmacher.


 Sicher Surfen

Sicher Surfen I - VII ist eine Artikelserie, die sich an den normalen, nicht technisch orientierten, Surfer wendet. Es wird versucht in möglichst einfacher, aber korrekter Weise, auf allgemeine Sicherheitsprobleme beim Surfen hinzuweisen. Neu: Das Trojanische Pferd im Computer-Zeitalter

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